This proprietary MRV software has won the 2018 Deloitte Technology Fast 50™ program award for rapid revenue growth, entrepreneurial spirit & bold innovation. We rank #28 with 804% growth. We have also won the 2018 Deloitte Technology Fast 500 program award ranking #140 in all of North America!  Read more about the awards.

We use our proprietary MRV software platform and systematic business processes to measure, quantify, and aggregate greenhouse gas emissions that have been removed from the atmosphere. We develop reputable, verifiable and marketable carbon offsets for sale, in a highly efficient cost-effective manner.

Measuring Success

CCSI’s distinctive excellence is our ability to mitigate risk, implement controls and accurately measure the success of green projects in a transparent fashion. We use disciplined, data-centric, controls-based proprietary methodologies to monitor, measure, quantify, and aggregate greenhouse gas emissions in a systematic manner. Our process can be used to develop carbon offsets in any regulatory framework for any carbon market. It reduces verification costs and the risk of offset invalidation.

Every methodology is unique. Therefore all methodologies that are implemented to reduce and measure GHG emissions must have their own project development processes. We use our proprietary system to assess a methodology so we are able to create a structured, repeatable project development process.  Our comprehensive process includes:

  1. Economic viability assessment
  2. Risk Assessment Analysis
  3. Control identification and development
  4. Data collection methodology
  5. Data processing system
  6. Business processes development
  7. Developing of training materials
  8. Software system extensions
  9. Quality control procedures

The end result of this process is a fully documented business process to develop emission reduction offsets from a specific methodology in a specific regulatory framework.

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