Risk Management

Third-party verification and audit of carbon credit projects are key features of almost all credit registries and systems around the world, and are essential tools for ensuring the accuracy and integrity of emission reduction claims. The need to actively demonstrate that real emission reductions took place, and to have business processes and systems in place that stand up to third-party scrutiny, relies on expertise in uncovering and managing risk elements within your project design.

Carbon Credit Solutions Inc. (CCSI) is a trusted environmental advisor focused on the creation and sale of agricultural carbon offsets. We are a world leader in the measuring, reporting and verifying of greenhouse gas emissions, primarily from large-scale aggregated emission reduction projects. CCSI is recognized for the excellence of its business processes and software, with risk identification and mitigation strategies contained explicitly in our project design process. These strategies include the development of preventative, detective and corrective controls processes for use at key data-processing and reporting stages. Our track record speaks for itself:

  • CCSI has been operating in Alberta’s carbon market since 2008 and is the largest developer of carbon credits from the agricultural sector in Alberta, with over 2000 current clients
  • CCSI has developed and sold over 2.5 million credits to date and expects to generate another 2.2 million credits by the end of 2018
  • We have completed 36 successful verifications, five successful due diligence audits, and two successful government audits

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