Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing global development and agriculture today. Regional and federal governments are implementing and fine-tuning regulatory frameworks aimed at addressing emission targets while maintaining economic growth. Adapting to this ever-evolving framework while dealing with primary impacts of climate change to the core business is a key challenge for companies today.

Carbon Credit Solutions Inc. can help you navigate this complexity. We are a world leader in the field of measuring, reporting and verifying greenhouse gas emissions from large-scale aggregated emission reduction projects in the agricultural sector. We have the benefit of eight years of hard-won experience and provide a wide variety of consulting services in the areas of greenhouse gas emissions, carbon management and sustainability. We can help organizations design and implement environmental policies with measurable results. Consulting services offered by Carbon Credit Solutions Inc. include:

  • Offset Protocol Methodology Development and Adoption: quantify the greenhouse gas benefits associated with your business, and capture them formally in a carbon offset protocol or methodology in the jurisdiction of your operations
  • Market Analysis and Strategy Development: identify strategic options available to adhere to carbon compliance requirements, and develop strategies consistent with your financial, environmental, and social sustainability goals
  • Policy and Program Development: develop a road map for improving your organization’s environmental performance
  • Sustainability Supply Chain Impact Assessment: assist you in protecting your business and reputation by helping you understand and manage the sustainability risks within your supply chain
  • Stakeholder Engagement: help align social, economic and environmental priorities, increase buy-in and ensure sustainable decision-making
  • Training: design and deliver detailed training programs that are relevant and informative
  • Grant Application Support: assist your company in pursuing grant financing, by helping you navigate the complexity of the process

We can help you identify opportunities and risks, focus on your ideas and projects, realize your vision and minimize your environmental impact by providing you with experienced people, proven processes, a blueprint to grow your idea and the resources to execute.

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