Project Types

Efficient Nitrogen Management

Alberta gives agricultural producers new ways to benefit from helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The opportunity for generating carbon offsets with the NERP protocol arises from the reduction of nitrous oxide (N20) emissions achieved through the implementation of a 4-R Nutrient Stewardship Plan (Right source, right rate, right timing, right placement).

Other benefits of improved nitrogen stewardship include:

  • Improved nitrogen efficiency, with a potential combination of yield increases and fertilizer savings
  • Improved health of downstream water systems
  • The establishing of farm data systems which may provide access to other emerging environmental market opportunities that require high-quality data and documentation

Credit offset generation is a complex process. Carbon Credit Solutions’ project development knowledge, aggregation expertise, proven history, and software systems make us the partner of choice to mitigate risk, set up the necessary controls and create reputable, verifiable and marketable offsets.

To apply for our carbon credit program, please complete and send in an application by e-mail, fax, or in person at our office in Airdrie.