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Carbon Credit Solutions Inc. is a finalist for the Alberta Business Awards of Distinction

December 20, 2017

Calgary, AB – Carbon Credit Solutions is pleased to announce our selection as a finalist for the 2018 Alberta Business Awards of Distinction in the Marketing Award of Distinction category. Finalists were announced Friday, December 15, 2017.

The Alberta Business Awards of Distinction recognize businesses/organizations that have demonstrated outstanding achievement and contribution to their community while having developed business acumen and management practices to ensure long term sustainability.

Along with being a finalist for the Marketing Award of Distinction, Carbon Credit Solutions is also eligible for the prestigious Premier’s Award of Distinction.

Based in Alberta, Carbon Credit Solutions Inc. is world leader in the field of measuring, reporting and verifying greenhouse gas emission reductions in the agricultural sector. Since commencing operations in Alberta in 2008 CCSI has expanded its operations to the USA and South America.

“We are thrilled to be a finalist in these prestigious awards,” says Alastair Handley, President and founder of Carbon Credit Solutions. “ It is exciting to know that the important work that we are doing is being recognized by the business community.”

The awards will be announced on March 2, 2018, at Renaissance Edmonton Airport Hotel in Edmonton. For more information on the event, please go to the Alberta Business Awards of Distinction website at


For more information on our selection as an award finalist please contact:

Alastair Handley, President

Carbon Credit Solutions, Inc.

Office: 403.912.9132 ext. 21



News Release

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Dec. 6, 2018

Alberta Government Announces New Carbon Credit Utilization Policy with Industry Input


Calgary, AB. Today’s announcement by the Government of Alberta regarding its carbon credit utilization policy puts an end to a year of market uncertainty and provides the province’s stakeholders a reason to celebrate.

A year ago, the Government of Alberta announced a new policy placing a 30% utilization limit on carbon credits and emission performance credits for companies required by law to comply with the province’s GHG emissions reduction requirements. Previous legislation allowed businesses to reduce emissions by (a) lowering them at site (b) buying carbon credit offsets or (c) by making a payment into the governments’ technology fund. This meant that historically companies had the option of meeting 100% of their compliance obligation with lower cost carbon credits. The new policy would cap that usage at 30%.

Though made with the best intentions, the announcement was dramatic, resulting in immediate and profound unintended consequences on the market and its stakeholders.

As the principal carbon project developer in the province, the leadership at Carbon Credit Solutions was deeply concerned. Buyers pulled out of the Alberta market and credit sales ground to a halt. We knew we had to engage with government so they could fully appreciate the consequences of the policy change. Most importantly, we had to find better solutions to the challenges all stakeholders they faced.

Over the past year, with the help of Impact Consulting, we took the initiative to meet with dozens of government representatives including ministers, DM’s ADM’s and chiefs of staff. We were consistently encouraged by their openness and willingness to have a dialogue.

The departure point for our lobbying efforts was that a solution to the 30% utilization cap had to meet the needs of all the partners: industries obligated to comply with emission reduction standards, brokers, project developers and the government.  We looked at the problem from all perspectives, modelling numerous scenarios.  Eventually we developed a solution we felt would work for everyone, which we provided to the government for consideration.

Based on the announcement today it’s clear we were heard.  The cap was raised from 30% to 40% for the 2018 compliance year. In addition, new credits can be used to meet an additional 10% of a compliance entities’ obligation, creating an immediate demand for new credits. Over the next 3 years the effective utilization cap will rise to 60%, reflecting an open carbon market.

Alberta has some of the strictest environmental regulations in the world, which is something we should all be proud of. It’s the social license we need to produce oil and gas in this province. As part of the solution, an open carbon market works in service of a cleaner environment and robust economy at once.  We are proud of the service we were able to provide to the government and market stakeholders over the past year and are thankful that through dialogue and meaningful engagement, we have a solution that works for Alberta.



For more information please contact:

Alastair Handley, President

Carbon Credit Solutions, Inc.

Office: 403.912.9132 ext. 21




November 2017

CCSI Chairman and CEO, Ed Alfke wins 2017 EY Award


Calgary, Ab. Carbon Credit Solutions is thrilled to announce that Ed Alfke is the 2017 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Award Prairies Cleantech and Environmental award winner. The awards were presented in November 2017 at the EY EOY Prairie Region Gala in Calgary.

For over 20 years the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards have honoured the achievements of entrepreneurs who “speed up innovation, growth and social improvement and build lasting legacies that inspire the next generation. They’re an unstoppable force to be reckoned with.”

Carbon Credit Solutions Inc (CCSI) is Ed’s 23rd company. With over 30 years of business growth experience in industries as diverse as auto, finance and tech, Ed’s been pivotal in helping CCSI become the largest aggregator of carbon credits in North America.

Global leaders in the field of measuring, reporting and verifying (MRV) greenhouse gas emissions CCSI and its sister company Climate Smart Group (CSG) developed the foremost MRV software in the world. CCSI started in Alberta in 2008, and Ed joined as Chairman and CEO in 2013. Bringing his world-wide network and experience to bear, Ed has been instrumental in the expansion of CCSI and CSG operations to include the USA, South America and beyond.

As passionate about helping to solve the problem of climate change as he is about entrepreneurship, says Ed, “I’m committed to making the world better for my children and grandchildren and to create a company that’s both profitable and sustainable in order to achieve that.”

You can find more information about the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards at