Alberta FAQ

Welcome to Frequently Asked Questions for Alberta farmers!  We hope you will find some answers here.

Cut-off Dates

Sales Cut Off Dates: June 7th 2019, October 18th 2019 & February 7th 2020

Payment Authorization Dates: June 28th 2019, November 8th 2019 & February 28th 2020

Equipment Photographs

Why do you need photos of my farming equipment? We use photos to ensure that you qualify for carbon credits. The government of Alberta requires us to collect these photographs.

Can I send my photos electronically? Yes. You can send in your photos electronically via email or by text message go ghd carbon advisors. The contact information is provided in our application form. Faxed photos are not accepted.

Do I have to take a picture of all of my seeders? Yes. If you have 2 air seeders that you used on your crop for the claimed year (ex. 2013), we need shank spacing, opener width and serial number photos for both.

Crop Insurance

What can I send in if I don’t have crop insurance? Why do you need this? If you don’t have crop insurance you can either send us seeding receipts, custom grain receipts, or a CWB permit book. We need these types of documents in order to support your claim. This is a necessary condition set out by Alberta Environment. We cannot file your claims without assurance documents.

What are assurance documents? Assurance documents are documents that show what crops you seeded, where you seeded, the amount that was seeded and what equipment you used. Crop insurance, seed receipts, custom grain receipts, and CWB permit books are all examples of assurance documents. Equipment photos and equipment purchase receipts are another form of assurance. We also use GPS maps of your land as assurance that proves how much arable land you farm. We need an assurance document for each category: crops, equipment, and land.  

Land Ownership

Why do you need land titles? Land titles give us important information regarding the ownership of your land, the size of your land, and the legal land description. We use land titles to generate correct contracts and to ensure that all of the associated people (owners and tenants) are aware that carbon credits are being claimed.

Can I send in land titles that I have a copy of?  Yes. If you have copies of your land titles, you can feel free to send them to us. the land titles must be current and up to date.

Why would my land title change without me knowing it? Your land title may have changed for a few reasons. Land titles are cancelled and then re-issued if tenancy has changed (due to issues regarding joint tenancy, undivided half interests or life estates) or if a road allowance has been made.

Does everyone listed on my land titles have to sign my contract? (For example, if there are 3 names on the land title do all 3 people need to sign the contract?) Yes. If there is more than one name on the land title all owners of said land title need to sign the contract. This is to ensure that all owners are aware of and agree with the claim on that particular parcel of land.

What if one of the owners on the Land title document has passed away? What if the current owner is unable to sign their contract? If the person listed on the land title has passed away, we require a copy of this person’s Will or a legal document listing the Executor of the Estate. The Executor of the Estate may sign on the deceased’s behalf. A copy of the Power Of Attorney appointed document can be used in cases where the current owner is alive but unable to sign. Without these documents we will not be able to include the parcel of land in the sale.

If you purchase land titles on my behalf do I get a copy? Yes. If requested, we will send you a copy of all the land titles we have purchased for you.

Does my landlord need to sign the Land Title Request form? No. Land Title Request forms only need to be signed by the contact for the project. This form gives us your permission to purchase land titles on your behalf.

Payment Authorizations

What is a Payment Authorization? Once all your information has been collected and entered into our data management system we send you a Payment Authorization so that you can check the information for completeness and accuracy. We require your signature on this document once the data it contains is complete and accurate. If you find an error while reviewing your Payment Authorization, we will fix it and send you an updated version to review. Payment Authorizations are an important step in our final review process, and we want to make sure that our clients have full access to the data in their file and know exactly what is entered into our system on their behalf.

Why does my Payment Authorization state that my acres have decreased? The acres you claim decrease for four main reasons. 1- You don’t have enough seed/crop insurance to cover all the acres claimed on your crop plan. 2- Acres are decreased because your claimed acres exceed the maximum property area that is recorded on your land title. 3- Acres are decreased because your claimed acres exceed the maximum arable area available according to satellite imagery. 4 – Your crop insurance does not cover all your claimed acres. Additionally, if your discretionary tillage (due to cultivation, extra passes, re-seeding, working through wet areas or working in manure, for example) is equal to or greater than %10 of your field area, the field will not qualify for credits in that year.

Can I send in copies of GPS maps that prove my arable acres do not exceed the maximum arable acres on my parcel of land? Yes. If you have a GPS map proving that the amount of land you farmed does not exceed the maximum arable land of your parcel you can absolutely send this document in to us. If your GPS map is current and legitimate, we will alter your Payment Authorizations accordingly.

Why are parcels of land missing from my VID?  If you are missing parcels of land from your Payment Authorization, it could be due to a number of missing documents. These include: a contract that has not been signed; a land title request form that has not been returned; or a lack of seed receipts and/or crop insurance. Put simply, if a claim pertaining to a parcel of land is missing information we cannot process it and this is why it does not appear on your Payment Authorization.

What does  image1 mean on my Annual Report? This symbol indicates that a field does not generate credits. A field will not generate credits if it does not meet the tillage requirements (no-till or reduced till <10%). Fields that meet requirement will show $$$ in the ‘Pays’ field.

Final Steps

If I am missing information from my file near the end of a sale, what happens to my claim? If you are still missing information needed in your file at sale time we will do our best to process your claim as fully as possible. If we have more than one sale for that particular crop year (ex. 2012) we will move all missing lands from our closing sale into our next sale. At this point that we will try to contact you again for any information we are still missing.

Why am I contacted by more than one person regarding my file? Our sale and data entry teams work on your behalf to generate your credits. In instances where files are incomplete, or land owner contracts and lease addendums are missing, we process as much of the data as we can. In situations like this we may need to contact you multiple times to collect this missing data. For these reasons, you might hear from members of our sales team and our data entry team as we work on your file. But don’t worry; because we have so many diligent people taking care of your project, we make sure that your file is credible, secure and of a high quality.

We have put steps in place to help us ensure that we know exactly what we are missing from your file before we contact you. You can see examples of our checklists here.

When will I get paid? Cheques are typically posted within 20 business days of a sale. Sales occur 3 or 4 times a year.

Still have questions? Contact our office and we will be happy to assist you 1-877-912-9132.

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